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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paleo "Corn" Tortillas

Despite the hundreds of paleo blogs out there, and the thousands of paleo recipes, there are still no satisfactory paleo tortilla recipes available.

Try to search for "paleo tortillas." No really--try it now. I got one hit (one!), and although it didn't taste bad, it certainly wasn't a tortilla--it was a cracker.

So, 6 hours of experimentation later, I bring you my paleo blog recipe debut:

Paleo "Corn" Tortillas:

-4 eggs

-1/4 c oil

-1/4 c water

-1/2 c quinoa flour

-1/2 c flaxseed meal

-1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)

Preheat an ungreased (if greased, it will be difficult to spread the batter thin enough), non-stick skillet to medium-low/medium heat, or a griddle to 350 F. Whisk all ingredients together--batter should be thin, somewhere between pancake and crepe batter. If it isn't, gradually add in more oil and water, 1 tbsp at a time, until the consistency is right. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the skillet/griddle, and spread as thin as possible with spatula. Cook until the top darkens and loses shine, about 1-2 minutes. Flip, and cook an additional 1-2 minutes. Don't overcook, or tortilla will lose its elasticity. If it folds easily into a taco shape without cracking, it's right.

Makes 6-8 6" tortillas.

Works well for enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, etc.

And they taste just like my mama's corn tortillas. Enjoy!

Note: I wouldn't recommend trying to make a huge batch and enjoying them throughout the week--they won't keep for more than a day, or two at max.

(I know quinoa is controversial in the paleo-sphere. I tried using almond flour and sunflower seed meal, but neither had the right texture. Coconut flour had the proper consistency, but the taste was all wrong. If you know of another flour that's the same consistency--ultra, ultra fine--and without a distinctive taste, please share.)



  1. What about cassava flour?

  2. I don't see why not--if you try it, let me know how they work out.

  3. SOLID "bread" dude... we had some great tacos tonight. Thanks.

  4. Solid "bread" dude... we had some great tacos tonight. Thanks!

  5. Psyched to hear it, Anonymous!!

  6. Isn't quinoa a grain? Aren't grains a no-no for something to be a truly "paleo" food?

    1. The reason why it is so controversial in the Paleo world is because Quinoa is also controversial in the scientific community because some people believe it is a seed/green-leafed vegetable, while some believe it is a grain.

  7. Hi Anonymous--Quinoa is a pseudo-grain, and I don't eat it often. This recipe is definitely not something I would make a staple, but it's a better "cheat" than corn tortillas in my opinion (corn always gives me a stomach ache).

  8. Has anyone tried this with any other type of flour?

  9. Hi Anonymous--I've starting using cassava flour and tapioca starch when I do baking these days, and they seem pretty versatile. I think either or both would probably be worth playing around with in this recipe.

  10. As soon as a grain is sprouted it becomes a plant and is more nutritious then grains. I use sprouted grains for baking.

  11. You know sweet heart, I was beginning to think that I'd be the first to make up a recipe like this lol. Just like you, I cannot find a single paleo recipe for "Corn" tortillas. So I decided as of yesterday that I was going to experiment and make up my own.

    I haven't had the chance yet of course because I don't have all my ingredients, but I'm generally very good at altering up dishes (I have many years of experience worth of cooking because I never eat out).

    Anyway, I'm a college student and totally on a budget. I'd love to use the Cassava Flour you mentioned but I have never even heard of it. And as for tapioca.... well... I honestly don't want to stretch out to other ingredients until I've experimented with what I've got ^___^

    It may sound crazy, but have you considered a tortilla press or is the batter so thin that it'd spill along the sides? I'm just wondering if that would be a better alternative than using a skillet?

    Also, I'll try freezing my first batch to test how long they will last that way. Unless you've already tried that of course?

    Thank you for the awesome start. I knew I'd try using a recipe similar to crepes but I was planning on using Almond Flour till I read your comment about the texture. Would grounding it more help by any chance? I have a coffee grinder so that's why I ask =)

    Sorry for the long comment <3

    ~Ria ^,~

  12. Thanks for your comment, Ria! The batter is actually pretty thick, so if you have a tortilla press, I think that'd make these extra awesome. I just don't happen to have a lot of fancy stuff.

    I actually think you could use almond flour for this recipe--I was using stuff that I made myself when I experimented with it, so it wasn't as finely ground as the stuff you can get in the store, which is pretty floury. Potato flour might be a good thing to mix with it if you have it. If you try any of these out, lemme know!!

  13. You really saved me... thank you I can not stress this enough.

    -A mexican trying to eat paleo.

    1. wow, i'm not mexican and have tried paleo but i looove my mexican food!! good luck to you ;)

  14. I know that this is an old post. But Cassava Flour is Tapioca Flour. It is good, but don't eat it every day as it prevents iodine absorption.

  15. i used tapioca instead of quinoa and added cumin, garlic and onion powder, OMG they smelled so good and tasted better!!!

  16. I just made these with tapioca flour instead of the quinoa. They taste great.