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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New BBQ Sauce Recipe

I'm not going to say that this recipe is "better" than Son of Grok's, which I used previously in the pulled pork post, because that recipe stands alone. It isn't a traditional BBQ taste, it's just a stand alone awesome sauce. However, I did manage to create a more traditional tasting paleo BBQ sauce, and it too, in my humble opinion, is awesome sauce.

It must be awesome. Just look: it glows.

Spicy Paleo BBQ Sauce

-1 c paleo ketchup (I used this recipe, plus 1/4 c dextrose and 1 tsp salt)

-4 tsp Dijon mustard

-4 tsp apple cider vinegar

-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

-2 tsp liquid smoke

-2 tbsp dextrose

-1 tsp cayenne pepper (or less, depending on your taste)

-1/2 tsp mustard powder

-1/2 tsp black pepper

Mix everything well. I imagine that doing this over low heat would allow for some nice flavor infusion, but I mixed it cold and it tasted pretty darn good.

If you're super carb phobic, feel free to omit the dextrose and see how it turns out (if anyone does, I'd be super psyched to hear how it turns out!)--I'm sure it would still be pretty good. But I think a little bit of sweetness really makes a good BBQ sauce.



  1. I made this sans dextrose and with a premade organic ketchup base for a paleo bbq chicken pizza, DELICIOUS! Thanks a lot :-)

  2. This was a nice template. I used the Everyday Paleo homemade ketchup recipe and added a Tbsp each of molasses and maple syrup instead of dextrose. Next time I will omit one tsp of liquid smoke. Two teaspoons seemed like a bit much when I followed the recipe the first time, and I was right. One tsp will do ya